Williston Feedlot

Out of necessity due to an ongoing drought in the region, the need for a Feedlot was identified and acted on. The area has always faced challenges due to the low rainfall and is a drought hardened region.

On the 1st of March 2019 the Williston Feedlot project kicked off when the first batch of lambs were bought. They were to be reared and made ready for slaughter at the Feedlot.

The Feedlot was added to the portfolio of the Co-op as a means to keep the little available sheep in the area in Williston and also to help keep the Abattoir in business. Being a farming community, any adverse impacts to the farmer’s productivity would have a negative impact on the town.

When operations began, the Feedlot was built to service 2000 heads of sheep. Since then, the Williston Feedlot has expanded operations and an automated feeding system has been implemented to ensure precise rations and keeping the feed frequently fresh. This results in an improved feed intake with a positive effect on animal health, fertility and production.

Williston feed mixing service

Due to the nature of the drought region where Williston is situated, and animal feed prices rising, the need for more affordable fodder was evident. Since 2018, the Williston community received a steady stream of material which could be used for animal feed. They came in the form of forage, food, hay, grain, corn, barley, grub, provisions, provender, straw, grass, meal, silage and pasturage.

However, these were mostly received in bulk form, 650kg bales, making it extremely difficult to handle and the animals not being able to fully utilise it efficiently. It is not something that a couple of people or one farmer with a 1 tonner bakkie can easily move.

The Williston Feed mixers are used to mix the bulk ingredients in order to create an even distribution of the required ingredients and nutrients. Ultimately, this will produce a feed mixture which is blended in a ratio that will provide animals with balanced nutritional input. The mixes are bagged and easy to use and portion out.